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A-List DJs Wedding DJs Schaumburg Wedding DJ Schaumburg Corporate Event Dj

A-List DJs Wedding DJs Schaumburg Wedding DJ Schaumburg Corporate Event Dj




Schaumburg Wedding DJ


The thought of a Wedding DJ might make you think of songs like the Chicken Dance,  The Electric Slide, and silly props on the dance floor, which is usually accompanied by an MC on the mic that nobody can hear or understand. These things might have worked great at the weddings of the 80’s and 90’s, but do not belong on your wedding dance floor today. A-List DJs would never allow this to happen on one of the most important days of your lives. We take your ceremony and reception very personally and want to deliver an elegant, professionally orchestrated, and fun atmosphere for you and your guests.  A-List DJs is one of the top 5 Chicago wedding DJ services, and we specialize in delivering your vision of your wedding ! When we perform, we don’t play the same music as the wedding we did last week or have been doing for the last 10 years. Those are what we refer to as cookie cutter weddings. Each event is customized to our Chicago bride’s and groom’s wants, needs, and vision.  Every one of our DJs and employees comes to your wedding fully prepared to deliver the best in wedding DJ entertainment, photo booths, and elegant decor. We want to have fun with you and your guests in a way that represents your style and class. At the end of your wedding day we know you’ll say “This truly was the best day of my life”. 

A-List DJs provides top of the line Chicago wedding DJs that envigorate your dance floor with the music that you and your guests want to hear. We will light up your room with custom colored up-lights, customize your events with custom gobos or Name In Lights, and we even offer three different types of photo booths that will add spark, memories, and fun to your Chicago Area Wedding Reception. 

Call us or email today to schedule an appointment to discuss your wedding details.847.513.2395

Wedding Ceremony DJ

One of the most exciting moments is here! The time when two families, full of love for both of you, come together in one area to witness the promises that will bond you in a loving marriage for the rest of your lives. Planning your Chicago area wedding ceremony’s finishing touches well in advance of the big day is very important. Having confidence in a wedding DJ that has performed at hundreds of wedding ceremonies should never be a concern. We happily play music from the moment your guests begin their seating (the prelude ), and for every highlight of your ceremony from the processional to the candle or sand ceremony, to the recessional and even for the guest departure. It is your ceremony, and you get to choose the musical and lighting accents that will make it perfect. We are here to help. 


Once you’ve selected the perfect music selections to play during those beautiful moments, the A-List DJ Chicago Wedding DJ you’ve chosen will work with your officiant, rabbi, or minister to deliver perfection at your wedding ceremony. We have also linked up with in case you are in need of expert Chicago Area officiant or minister to provide services for your ceremony. 

Call us or email today to schedule an appointment to discuss your ceremony details,847.513.2395


Wedding Reception DJ and MC


Envision your reception room with us for just a moment. The decor, your new spouse, the guests you look most forward to celebrating with, the ambiance of the room, and your dance floor. Does your reception start with a room that has been elegantly lit with uplights, accented by your custom monogram or Name In Lights, and sprinkled with the cocktail and dinner music you’ve chosen specifically for your event? It should! You are only going to have this day once. Tell us about the vision you have for your reception, and the fine details of it all. Our Chicago Wedding DJs want to assist you in executing that vision and making it a successful reality. 

Let’s take a moment to focus your vision of your wedding reception just a little bit. You might not have considered that there are some very special events that happen during the reception before your dance floor opens up. Some couples include introductions, cake cutting, toasts, a thank you speech, maybe a speech from one or both of your parents, a blessing over dinner, a cake cutting, and some special announcements that will take place as your reception night progresses. You want to be sure that all of your special events not only happen in a timely manner, but are announced clearly and professionaly before each event happens. Each of our Chicago Wedding DJs are trained speficially for weddings. This means that each Chicago DJ knows what to say, when to say , and most importantly how to say the things on the microphone that are going to positively get your guests attention and keep them entertained at your reception in a way that represents your class and style. 

Please remember that the ambiance plus the attitude and professionalism of your DJ, combined with the music selections of your wedding reception will define your guest’s total experience. Our Chicago Wedding DJ’s goal at every single wedding reception, is to provides the atmosphere that builds the life into the details that make your event special to you.


Call us at 847-513-2395 or contact us today for more information on our Chicago wedding DJ services and Wedding Ceremony DJ services or to schedule a free no pressure consultation. We can’t wait to discuss your wedding reception and wedding ceremony details.


A-List DJs know that the right music is vital to the success of your event, whether you’re having a birthday party, celebrating an anniversary, or are looking for a wedding DJ. The difference in the way your event is remembered, or if it is remembered, can be based upon the DJs you select to provide your musical entertainment. When you select A-List DJs, you have chosen experts who understand what it takes to make your DJ event one that you and your guests will enjoy. A-List DJs provide consultations in order to work with you on your event and see that your individual and specific needs are met. Our company knows that everyone’s entertainment needs are as unique and diverse as they are. A-List DJs customize the music to your taste and specifications from our extensive library, which contains thousands of songs of all types and genres. At A-List DJs, we believe in careful preplanning and covering every detail. We offer complete packages at various price levels to satisfy your budget and preferences. Regardless of the package you choose, A-List DJs believe in taking care of its clients from the beginning of the event until its conclusion. Our DJs are much more than disc jockeys; they are experienced entertainers. That’s why so many of our Schaumburg clients are choosing A-List DJs for their wedding DJs. They know quality when they see it, and HEAR it!


Schaumburg Wedding DJ

For many years, A-List DJs Wedding DJs, Corporate DJs and Reunion DJs have been the driving force behind making dreams come true for our clients and their guests! We believe in careful preplanning, covering every detail, and offering complete DJ packages at various price levels to satisfy every budget. Regardless of the package you choose, A-List DJs believe in taking care of our customers from the beginning of their event until the very end. When you choose our DJ services, you will see that there are many things which set our DJ entertainment services apart from other area DJ competitors. A-List DJs brings you the latest in entertainment technology backed many years of DJ experience in the Chicagoland area to bring you the best mobile DJ service at an affordable price. You are the master of your destiny when it comes to being completely in charge of how you want your event to run. All you have to do is simply provide A-List DJs with a detailed description of the kind of atmosphere you want us to create for your guests and you give us your song requests before the wedding, party, graduation, reunion or other event, and we will assist you in every minute detail to plan the perfect event that is uniquely yours. Call us today so we can get started. Granting wishes and making dreams come true is our job!


Schaumburg DJ Service

Schaumburg, Illinois  has more than 73,000 residents and about 29,000 household. Of these 29,000 households, nearly 54% are married couples, and 46% are unmarried. Schaumburg is located approximately 30 miles northwest of downtown Chicago in Cook County. As home to many businesses and headquarters, like Motorola and one of only two IKEA stores in Illinois, and Woodfield Mall, one of the largest malls in the U.S., Schaumburg is a wealthy community with a median household income of about $83,000 and a median home value of almost $250,000. It is not surprising that newly engaged couples in Schaumburg are seeking the help of the experts at A-List DJs for their wedding DJs. A-List DJs has a consummate selection of special effects to further enhance your total wedding experience. We offer music to suit all aspects of our Schaumburg couples’ wedding DJ events from the time the guests arrive for the ceremony right on through to the conclusion of the reception. A-List DJs pride ourselves on our variety of genres, which can be customized to satisfy our clients’ specific tastes. In addition, we will incorporate the most sophisticated, state-of-the-art lighting to transform your wedding into a romantic and visually memorable occasion. Regardless of your theme, our lighting experts will bring your wedding DJ event to life. A-List DJs always come prepared with a surplus of music to see the wedding party through long into the night. We also provide additional memory opportunities with our state-of-the-art photo booth options.



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